Procurement Capabilites

Procurement Capabilites

Procurement Control Plan

Major categories of material and/or equipment that have been procured over the past five years. During the last five  years, we have procured SR 100 million worth of various types of materials, small tools, construction supplies, machinery, equipment, Pal A/C Ducting Materials, electrical/electronic equipment, HVAC Units and other special types of equipment for projects, Wholesale and Retail outlets of various subsidiaries and affiliates.


Products could be made available to any sites anywhere in the world, subject to government import/export licensing regulations. It is our understanding that efficient logistics management ensures international projects cost-­effectiveness and completion as quickly as possible. Project cost planning: Project cost planning service deals with the arrangement of financial terms and conditions for the mutual benefit of all parties, particularly with regard to re-­invoicing and management of currency risk. It is understood that cost planning is critical to cost and convenience in the execution of any project of international scale. Being an expert in this domain enables us to provide customers with a service that can help maximizing the amount of VAT that can be retrieved. The above can only be achieved by utilizing proper financial processes that take into consideration the individual company’s legal structure Shipping: The Company co-­ordinates importation of equipment for: – Installation at the end user location .

Installation at company’s facilities management center. – use as spares for exchange with faulty equipment Faulty equipment is re-­routed as per client instructions to an agreed upon destination; moreover, a detailed inventory records are maintained for spare equipment, used ones and returned goods. All equipment shipped across borders is subject to customs regulations and delays. Procurement Division will work to ensure that all regulations are adhered to, accordingly minimizing delays. All shipments are compliant with US regulations governing the end destination of products. Insurance: Insurance provided is based on value provided by customer, for equipment in use, in storage at Various facilities management center, and equipment kept at company’s storage facilities.


Prior to shipment, the Company will prepare all necessary export documentation, such as pro forma invoices and certificates of origin, and apply for required import licenses. As part of this process, a complete equipment inventory is prepared, detailing systems, products, and their serial numbers. Additional services: Additional services, such as delivery to a central point for staging followed by shipment to local sites, are also available. Material and equipment for Kingdom Projects/Ordered and Received: Client was regularly supplied special brands of materials such as “Carlisle” EPDM Membranes and related products for water proofing also “Pal Phenol panel boards and related products for A/C Ducting. Annual orders received from Clients for the above materials amounts to SR15 million. Frequency and size of orders depend on awarded lump sum turnkey projects that are required such as construction supplies, equipment, electrical panel boards, electronics equipment, HVAC cooling units and instrument control panels. Company’s methodology in materials storage and handling : The material storage and handling unit is staffed by proficient personnel and operators to ensure proper inventory of materials as far as minimum level is concerned, and shelf-­life of various products are constantly monitored and properly identified in individual racks. Special care is always given to avoid mishandling of any item. Detail of timeliness, design and working conformity of materials and/or equipment procured by the Company: Our Procurement Unit and QA/QC Unit will be responsible for the appropriateness, design and working conformity of materials and/or equipment sourced by our division, or sub-­contractor. The Procurement Unit is required to render regular reports on the status of materials/equipment placed on order and monitor the movement of the materials taking into consideration the critical project milestones, thus avoiding any delay in project execution. The QA/QC Unit will be responsible for the quality of the materials/equipment received and render such reports as may be necessary. Aberrant items will be reported immediately and actions subsequently implemented to avoid any impact in the project execution timetable. Flow Chart shows the steps to purchasing process

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